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{{Yuuhi Kurenai}}

{{Back Off}}

Yuuhi Kurenai
11 June
(this isdj_shadow060 RP journal foras_leafs_fall as Kurenai)

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There is always the girl who doesn't fit in with the others. I'm not the social person people would come to believe, but I am friendly enough and I don't always bite~

Kurenai Yuuhi

Favorite Poem: (written by her RPer):
And as the wind blows away the leaves,
hiding places are no more.
Slowly we all see,
the pain that our hearts have bore.
If this is something,
that refuses to baffle you,
then you must know,
what to do.
But for us,
the others,
who walk blindly amongst the light,
this is our life.
It is the only thing we've ever known,
that pain and hurt,
that pulls us down.
Like a slow death,
brought on by a knife,
we continue to wander,
through an aimless life.